Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Do you have goose bumps yet? Maybe a case of the butterflies??? Can you feel the air changing? What could it be....we are coming up on the last stretch before Eclipse is released. I honestly cannot believe that we are less than a month away. Planning this back in November this day could not come soon enough (and let's be honest it still can't) but how am I still so excited? Our list of sponsors for this event keeps getting bigger and better. If you have a friend who doesn't yet have their tickets tell them to do so ASAP. They will not want to miss out on our raffle prizes. You will be leaving with a swagger in your step after this screening. Our sponsors include; Studio JK Vinyl, Smart Cookie, Paush Cafe, Utah Truffle, Hagermann’s, Rocky Mountain Running & Triathlon, and our newest addition.....Anniversary Inn. Get pumped, get excited, and get ready to have some fun.

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