About Us

     We are four sisters who love to throw a party for any occasion, but what's more fun than throwing one for your favorite characters in a book or a movie. We've combined some of our favorite things (books, movies, parties and charities) to create an opportunity to make a difference in our community AND to have a great reason to hang out with each other often.
    The oldest sister, Cobilynn, introduced Kelli, Sadie and Nattilee to the Twilight Saga back in 2007. Kelli and Nattilee loved the books, Sadie became obsessed with everything Twilight especially when they announced the making of the movie. Kelli, Sadie and Nattilee joined in the Twilight Midnight Madness not even knowing what they were starting.
    When New Moon was announced we started thinking about renting a theater, but the stars weren't aligned. When New Moon was released we invited 30 of our closest friends to join us for dinner before the premiere, where Bella, Edward and Jacob (cardboard cutouts) joined us for a birthday party in honor of Bella's birthday in the movie. Everyone received cupcakes and party favors as we sang Happy Birthday Bella.
     We had so much fun at that event we knew we had to have our very own theater for Eclipse, we immediately got started on the details. We invited 238 of our closest friends and family to this event where everyone was adorned in SWAG as they entered the theater. SWAG was gift bags worth over $60, cold Vitamin Water and their "choice" of brownie. We gave away 70 raffle items and even had the SagaBoys escorting our guests to their seats.
      In the summer of 2011 for the Twilight obsessed sister, Sadie's 30th birthday, the SagaGirls and their Mom went on the Twilight pilgrimage to Forks, Washington by van. It was a 72hr trip with 42hrs in the van filled with a Scavenger Hunt, quizzes, laughing, crying, hysterical comments by SagaMom, climbing trees with Edward and memories to last our lifetime.
      It was  a hard decision but for the SagaGirls Breaking Dawn would be an invitation only event held by Sadie and Nattilee. It was covered in red rose petals, Blood Type drinks, a movie "aid" swag and a fabulous breakfast. Each of us made our very own t-shirts to match one another and we were off to the theater.
      At the end of 2011, Cobilynn had decided that the SagaGirls would rent a theater for the premiere of Hunger Games and that all proceeds would go to a charity. SagaGirls had never made money on an event, but had put all proceeds into their entertaining. This time everything needed to be donated and sponsored so that as much money could go to the charity of their choice, The Autism Council of Utah. With just 80 days from the premiere the girls went to work. When the time came to decide what size theater we wanted we weren't sure but decided to go BIG! With 583 seats to fill our hearts were nervous, but after the first 2hrs of reservation time was over and 300 seats were sold, we relaxed. Within the first 24hrs 400 seats were sold and we were on our way. We wanted to spoil our guests just like any other event we've done so at our two ticket pick up we had beverages, treats, give aways, actual Hunger Games  hair extentions from the movie, and other pampering services available. We sold raffle tickets and everyone got to decide their odds by placing their tickets in the District Girl/Boy container of their choice. Before the movie went on everyone received their "Survival Kits" and we held our own Raffle Reaping and gave away over 200 prizes. When all was said and done we gave away over 300 prizes and raised $6000.00 for The Autism Council of Utah.
        We are so grateful for all of you who have joined us on our journey and hope that you will continue to party with us as we Take on the World one Saga at a time.

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Jani said...

So cool! My daughter-in-law, Marie (do you know makeandtakes.com?) gave me Twilight before anyone was talking about it, so I guessed that Edward was a vampire. I was living in Washington at the time but had invited Marie and my son and family to vacation with me in Scottsdale, Arizona. I immediately connected with the series (esp being so familiar with both the Olympic Peninsula and Phoenix) I'm also a huge fan of The Hunger game series!