Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Sh*tuff never gets old

Just when you thought that the end was near and there wasn't anything new we could learn about Robsten...they leak a story like this. Yup folks, she has apparently cheated on the {Romeo} of our century. WOW! That is pretty big news. (And by that I mean us calling Rpatz the Romeo of our time) Don't know how truthful the story is. Will we ever? Probably not, but since it was printed in the tabloids you know the story won't be going anywhere. Sad that it had to be with a married man. That always makes me sad. The details are pretty vague so who knows just what it all really means. Celebrity's are people too and are bound to make mistakes, many, many, mistakes.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Comic Con Review

Finally back to the real world...Oops {Twilight} World. I am back with time, and space, and TIME to delve into a silly little passion of mine. Comic Con 2008 really changed the view of what everyone expects from a silly little indi film and this past weekend was Comic Con again. I sat down and watched the panel interviews that were available online. {Wish I had planned to be there instead} But it looked like fun. You could really see the excitement that Kristen has for playing "Vampire" Bella. As much as there are haters out there you have to love that enthusiasm she has for this character. I don't think that anyone can say that she doesn't really put herself into that role. It is funny to watch and listen to fans, like you and I, ask the same DAMN questions every interview. What was your favorite scene? What are you going to miss? Are you going to finish Midnight Sun? Personally, if I were Stephanie I would just put the dumb book out so that people would get off her butt. But I WOULD for sure ask Mrs. Meyer if she would please write the whole story of Alice and Jasper. That is one I want to read!
See for yourself and tell us what you think? Click on the link here where Twilight Lexicon has it all posted.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Twilight VS Buffy

Well...well...well. Yup! We are still here and alive. Life has thrown a few wicked curve balls to us all here and honestly we just needed to recharge our batteries. Mr. Fantastic sent me this e-mail and I just couldn't resist sharing it with all of you. I guess I am the superficial type of reader because I really don't dissect the book. I have never found the resemblance of Twilight to the "Mormon" religion and never truly seen the above indicated message of stalking or male chauvinism. I guess I am blind when it comes to this stuff. Or it is just that I enjoyed the book, loved the parts that I did, and moved on.

I do love the above review. I love a good laugh. AND honestly who does not love  Buffy. She kicks A**. However, to be fair....Bella does go face James all by herself. And then the Volturi with the idea that she will be killed. She also believes that she will sacrifice herself for the "family" if needed. Just because she is also the type of girl that falls apart whenever her soul mate is around to me is not a fault. It is just the makeup of a typical woman. I know that I myself would take on any intruder that tried to hurt my family, but I also crumble in the night when there is a noise and I know that Mr. Fantastic is by my side to check it out. That is the beauty of a woman.