Monday, July 16, 2012

Comic Con Review

Finally back to the real world...Oops {Twilight} World. I am back with time, and space, and TIME to delve into a silly little passion of mine. Comic Con 2008 really changed the view of what everyone expects from a silly little indi film and this past weekend was Comic Con again. I sat down and watched the panel interviews that were available online. {Wish I had planned to be there instead} But it looked like fun. You could really see the excitement that Kristen has for playing "Vampire" Bella. As much as there are haters out there you have to love that enthusiasm she has for this character. I don't think that anyone can say that she doesn't really put herself into that role. It is funny to watch and listen to fans, like you and I, ask the same DAMN questions every interview. What was your favorite scene? What are you going to miss? Are you going to finish Midnight Sun? Personally, if I were Stephanie I would just put the dumb book out so that people would get off her butt. But I WOULD for sure ask Mrs. Meyer if she would please write the whole story of Alice and Jasper. That is one I want to read!
See for yourself and tell us what you think? Click on the link here where Twilight Lexicon has it all posted.

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