Thursday, October 21, 2010


I had not heard of this term {Krisbians} until today while I was reading my FAV twilight related blog {Letters to Twilight} I think this is hilarious that apparently there are "New" lesbians who were brought to lesbianism just by Kristen Stewart, WHAT? That is some crazy power that she has. I am really not the type that will let this love of twilight go that far. I think there is a line in the sand and this is about 100 feet over that line, bordering loony bin.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

this is Renesmee?

Well I am sure that the directors and Stephenie herself knows better, but I was not ready to hear that Mackenzie Foy is officially Renesmee. She is a darling girl. I don't doubt that she will do great, but she is 10. What story is this? In the Breaking Dawn I read she was advanced, yes, but not 10. Holy Crow that is old. Doesn't the whole ending go down in a couple of months? Not years? Good luck making her look like a baby.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

can I get some {sweetheart candy}

Above Michael Sheen + Rachel McAdams
Love is in the air everywhere in tinsel town.
So in my book Michael Sheen gave himself an upgrade by dating Rachel McAdams.
Love her work. And we all know she has {passion}
Ashley Greene however gave herself a downgrade. Joe Jonas is the best you can do?
Doesn't Kellan have any good looking friends you can hook up with?
Below Ashely Greene + Joe Jonas

"official guide"

Oh what fun this will be to have and re-read the whole saga with. Will you do it? I will probably be one in line waiting for its release. I just wonder what hidden treasures could be found in this book. Will it have a map of where Esme Island is and if so will a travel company open shop and start booking vacations? OOh, what if you could have your wedding on Esme Island. With Peter Facinelli as your justice of the peace. Who's with me?