Friday, April 30, 2010

well apparently Mr. Condon is already on the hook to make us all happy!!! What great news. Condon just posted a note to fans on FB click here to read what he has to say. For me this was what I wanted to hear. Not that I think Summit or Stephenie would put this in anyone's hands but the best. I am really excited. Mr. Condon seems like he will be a great fit. Hopefully this thing can just get going fast so that we can have a conclusion sooner than later!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

is this the direction we want?

The news on the wire today is that Mr. Bill Condon will be the director for Breaking Dawn. I should have been keeping up with his projects and maybe I would have more feeling about this. Currently I have not seen any of his films. He was the director of Dreamgirls & Gods & Monsters. He wrote the screenplay for Chicago (this I did see and thought it was a really well played out movie). I have come to the conclusion though that no matter who is the director I will still be lining up to see this one too. I love the stories, love the actors, and love the writers (Stephenie & Melissa). Hopefully I will love this director too.

Friday, April 23, 2010

are you getting AnTsY yet?

LOVE the new trailer....I love that it shows more of the vampires and the FIGHT! This is going to be awesome. (the movie i mean) I gave in and watched it on the Oprah show (mostly because I read Dakota was announcing it, love her). Bestest news ever is that Oprah has come to her senses and is having the Twilight Cast on her show (hopefully for a full show not like what she did to Mrs. Meyer). There is going to be a popcorn event at my house May 13 Thursday to watch the show anyone interested can come(just kidding).

I have no more than 100 pages to finish reading Eclipse for the....(i've lost count how many times). I wanted to give myself a good buffer before the movie came out so that I wouldn't be disappointed if certain things weren't in the book, but I wanted it fresh enough in my mind that I would know what was going on....Well and it is my FAV book. Are any of you re-reading the book or books? This time I just went straight to Eclipse and didn't start from the beginning...any of you starting from the beginning?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are you busy Friday night?

  1. Here is the latest from Summit about the new trailer and even a chat with some of our favorite gals....

    This Friday at 8PM ET / 5PM PT, check out the final #EclipseTrailerin HD on the official Twilight website, Facebook, MySpace & YouTubeTweet @Twilight for a chance to have your question answered during the chat! Include #EclipseChat in your question.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

set your DVR/TiVo

So I have become a twitter follower so that I can be up to date with any news going on. Here is the latest from Summit Entertainment. First came this one....
Next Friday 4/23, watch Oprah for the exclusive debut of the FINAL#EclipseTrailer!
followed by this one....
And visit our social networks after to chat live with surprise guests from the cast! More details to come...

I am so excited. Something finally to look forward to that isn't in two months. I was really disappointed in the interview that Oprah did with Stephenie Meyer last year. For someone who does so much for "woman power" and finding your destiny she really missed the boat in this interview. Maybe Oprah has learned her lesson and will do a re-interview or something.

Anyways thought you all might be interested. Of course once I get a chance I will post the trailer here too.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Oprah takes on Twilight...

Oprah is getting into Twilight and apparently wants to talk with those who have gone "Crazy" for the series. I would love to do this. (maybe a free trip to Chicago???? maybe a chance to meet Stephenie???)

Are you or your kids obsessed with the Twilight series? Have you or your kids read all the books, seen both movies and now you are counting down the days until the release of Eclipse? Have you already made plans for the release of the newest movie in June? Who's your family's favorite Twilight star...and why?

Why do you love the story so much? How has it impacted your life? What have you learned from the series and how has it made you a better person? Are you a housewife who's started a fan club with friends? Do you have a young adult in your family who's been inspired to write his/her own stories? Has the romance in Twilight sparked the romance in your own relationship?

Tell us how the Twilight series has inspired you or your family! Please only write if you are willing to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Click here to go to Oprah's site

K Stewart's B-day

It's another B-day for Kristen Stewart. She is 20 years old today. What fun. I really have enjoyed her as Bela. My own opinion is that she pretty well nailed the character down. I can't wait to see her in Eclipse. I really don't know of many other actors that would have done as well with it. Thanks to her for helping bring this series to life. Happy B-day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

are you competitive

We have a ticket contest on our hands. Since we love all things Twilight and we are so excited for the new addition coming, "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" we thought of a challenge. The first sale of a group of 10 or more seats starting today will get a copy of the book compliments of The SagaGirls.

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Now get a group of friends to come see the movie with you.

("sale" consists of actually payment in hand to a SagaGirl, not just e-mailing the details)