Friday, April 23, 2010

are you getting AnTsY yet?

LOVE the new trailer....I love that it shows more of the vampires and the FIGHT! This is going to be awesome. (the movie i mean) I gave in and watched it on the Oprah show (mostly because I read Dakota was announcing it, love her). Bestest news ever is that Oprah has come to her senses and is having the Twilight Cast on her show (hopefully for a full show not like what she did to Mrs. Meyer). There is going to be a popcorn event at my house May 13 Thursday to watch the show anyone interested can come(just kidding).

I have no more than 100 pages to finish reading Eclipse for the....(i've lost count how many times). I wanted to give myself a good buffer before the movie came out so that I wouldn't be disappointed if certain things weren't in the book, but I wanted it fresh enough in my mind that I would know what was going on....Well and it is my FAV book. Are any of you re-reading the book or books? This time I just went straight to Eclipse and didn't start from the beginning...any of you starting from the beginning?

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