Monday, July 2, 2012

Twilight VS Buffy

Well...well...well. Yup! We are still here and alive. Life has thrown a few wicked curve balls to us all here and honestly we just needed to recharge our batteries. Mr. Fantastic sent me this e-mail and I just couldn't resist sharing it with all of you. I guess I am the superficial type of reader because I really don't dissect the book. I have never found the resemblance of Twilight to the "Mormon" religion and never truly seen the above indicated message of stalking or male chauvinism. I guess I am blind when it comes to this stuff. Or it is just that I enjoyed the book, loved the parts that I did, and moved on.

I do love the above review. I love a good laugh. AND honestly who does not love  Buffy. She kicks A**. However, to be fair....Bella does go face James all by herself. And then the Volturi with the idea that she will be killed. She also believes that she will sacrifice herself for the "family" if needed. Just because she is also the type of girl that falls apart whenever her soul mate is around to me is not a fault. It is just the makeup of a typical woman. I know that I myself would take on any intruder that tried to hurt my family, but I also crumble in the night when there is a noise and I know that Mr. Fantastic is by my side to check it out. That is the beauty of a woman.

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