Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do you need a Twilight Stephenie Meyer fix?

So, we blogged a couple of weeks ago that Stephenie Meyer was doing things different this time around with the publicity for Eclipse. She chose to have four twilight fansites visit her and have an interview. This way she felt that her fans would get some answers to their questions. This all went down last Friday. The four fansites got to spend four hours with Ms. Meyer and rack her brain. AWESOME. I guess there must be some contract that they cannot spill their interview answers yet because none of the sites have any of the actual questions posted, that I can tell, but this one site that I loved already has just a great GREAT rundown of how things went while in the interview. If you want to get some Meyer fix check it out here. I will warn you that these girls get a little excited and sometimes lay down some questionable language, but it is darn funny.

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