Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eclipse Trivia

Here are the rules.....Every day from now until the PREMIER EVENT we will post some trivia. The first person to comment on the post with the correct answer receives a raffle ticket....(if you post a comment please list your e-mail/or the name of the person that reserved your ticket plus your name) Good luck....

What is the name of the principal at Fork's High School?
A. Mr. Adams
B. Mr. Greene
C. Mr. Belding
D. Mr. McGee

Congrats, Janet P. (third win, way to go)
If you didn't win today try again tomorrow. Try and give Janet a run for her raffle.


Anonymous said...

B) Mr. Greene
Janet P.

buchananclan said...

I know all the answers...I just look to late and miss my chance to answer....maybe tomorrow