Monday, May 17, 2010

uPdAtEs, UPDATES, updates....

We have been waiting on some good news to share, but it turns out we don’t have the news we wanted so we will just have to go with this. The SagaGirls have decided that we have bitten into more than our coven can actually devour so we have scaled back our appetite. In human terms….we have changed our theater size. By moving to a smaller theater we are able to have a more intimate feel with fellow Saga Fever fans that are less than six degrees of separation from the SagaGirls. With this change there were some minor seating changes, but for the most part every group was able to stay in the same position. If you are concerned about your seats please e-mail us so that we can let you know exactly if and where you were changed to.

We now have our tickets in hand so we will be having a ticket party on Monday, June 28 location to be determined. Our screening will begin promptly at 12:15am June 30th. We will have more details about our event as it gets closer.

So now just sit back and get ready for an event like you will never forget.

If you did not already notice we had taken off the seating chart from the blog...why you ask? We had some visitors from Summit Entertainment, yes the one and only, and they apparently were not too happy that we had started selling our private screening seats. We took off the seating chart so that we were not in their bad graces. Now that seats are available all over we have put back our seating chart. If you review it you will notice that we still have some seats available. If you have anyone that would like to come see the film with you let them know about our shindig.

We really cannot wait for this event to get underway. We have less than 45 days to go!!! YAY!!!!

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