Friday, May 14, 2010

It's an improvement....

I guess we should start by saying that I am not the biggest Oprah fan. I was hoping that this could change my mind on her, but it has made my thoughts more concrete. I think that the reason why Oprah did this show in the first place is because she felt that "Twilight" was too big to ignore and also that it would be great for ratings. Well she got her wish. Ratings I am sure were off the chart. I really enjoyed the show with the actors. I thought the questions were good and I loved seeing the actors interact, but there were A LOT of commercials. Towards the end there were so many that only one question got answered before it was yet another commercial. I am pretty sure that sponsors were happy. They brought Dakota in and then took her out and then brought her back, I know this was all just taping, but can't Oprah get continuity right??

The good stuff. There was a sneak peak of some scenes which was awesome to see. I loved how Rob and Kristen answered the question about them dating. Very smooth. Kristen seemed less fidgety and happy. I really enjoyed the banter between the actors. I guess that I should have submitted a story into the Oprah request so that Mr. Pattinson would have stopped by my house, but really I think that would have been bad news. Even better would have been if they had sent Kristen to my house. I would have loved that. Anywho. Hope you had time to watch. If not they appear again on Ellen on the 19th. You better believe that I will be watching that too.

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