Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stephenie is still about us fans

Stephenie just keeps giving us more and more reasons to love her and her stories. Not only does she come out with a new book in just a few weeks, but she has just announced that she is going to be doing her own press junket for Eclipse. Click HERE to read the details. The question that comes to my mind.....was our little blog in the mix? Probably not since our blog was just started this year, has only a few followers, and was initially started just to have a screening of the movie, but then on the other hand Summit does know about us. It would be cool to have been chosen. June 18th will be the interview and I will be watching the blogs for all the news of course. Thanks to Stephenie for remembering why this series is such a success....YOU and ME.

Is our blog in that hat?

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