Sunday, May 9, 2010

the mothers

I know this may be taking this a little far, but let's not forget this year some very special mothers. The mother of it all Mrs. Stephenie Meyer. WOW! She really started something with this crazy dream she had. It really is pretty awesome how many trends and lives changed she is responsible for. Our hats off to you. What an accomplishment.Renee is the mother of Bella Swan and although she can be flighty and minimally present in the stories she does play a major role. She has molded our heroine into the person she is. Without this type of mother Ms. Bella would not be so ready to take on all the unreal circumstances thrown at her.
Now the unlikely mother. Mrs. Cullen is a great example of a mother giving her child everything and anything they need for happiness. Even though Ms. Swan could potentially make her life very uncomfortable, instead of pushing her away she accepts her completely because it is what her "son" really needs to be happy. Mothers are just so giving.
Thanks to these mothers for being great examples. Hope all you mothers out there have a great day today. Motherhood has so many rewards that it is impossible to count them all.

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