Monday, March 22, 2010

Used New Moon DVD up for grabs!!!

So my husband was bummed that I never took him to see New Moon at the theater so while he was at Costco this last Saturday he bought the DVD. I knew he would like what I liked about the movie the special effects (wolf change and vampire fights), but I was really concerned about the rest. ///side note The only reason I ever saw Twilight is because when my sister came to visit me in Florida she convinced me to and having the four of us (my sister, me and our husbands) sit on our master bed and watch a dumb movie sounded funny.....and it was....a dumb movie and a funny memory of the 4 of us.//// So we put the kids to bed, (because I WILL not let my daughters watch Bella Swan and her infatuation), pulled out the blood orange bubbly (yummy soda from Target) and curled up in front of the wide screen. We watched the entire movie with stops here and there to explain missing details to my husband and to share our disgust over Bella's infatuation. At the end of the movie I ask my husband "Well what do you think?" his response "Oh my gosh! Duh!!!! me " I told you. The special effects ok, but the rest totally dumb." him "Exactly, What happens in the next one? Is there more vampire fighting? What are all the vampires gifts?" He stands up and takes the DVD out and says "Why did I buy this? Hide it so I don't ever watch this again." No problem!!! But I think he still wants his ticket for the next movie and so do I. I love the memories made by doing crazy and dumb things with the people I love. AND I am always up for a PARTY!!!!! It's going to be fun and entertaining (one way or another).
Sorry for all you lovers and likers of this wonderful saga, I just felt like I needed to share my more realistic perspective of this whole insane saga.
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