Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm a lOveR

I was finally able to sit down and watch my newly acquired New Moon DVD. YAY! I liked it more than in the theater, probably because I have not just barely read the book. I know that they cannot put everything in the movies that are in the books, but with Twilight I was concerned about some of the missing/messed up details. I felt like the second movie stayed truer to the book, which is a great thing. Maybe it is just the fact that I am a lOOver of the books and movies, but I thought that Kristen Stewart played Bella perfectly. She is completely how I think that Bella would be in real life. My sis compared her to Ellen Page the other night and I really do think that Kristen Stewart and Ellen Page are probably a lot alike. Kind of quirky.

My one complaint. I hate the way it feels when you see their kiss for her b-day. It seems so awkward. I know that Edward is supposed to be dealing with a lot of emotions, but you would think if he really was thinking what he thinks in the book he would have kissed her more convincingly.

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