Saturday, March 20, 2010


total disappointment. I know that you cannot expect the world out of actors and to be honest I really can in my head put this in perspective, but come on already....We wasted 6 hours with nothing to show for it. We showed up at the Wall-E's 30 minutes before official "kick off" party was supposed to start. By the time this happened there was already a crazy line and a lot of CRAZY people. (We were a bit prepared for this due to the fact that the location was announced on a few radio stations) We ended "finding" some friends and getting a jump up in line (which is bad to butt in line, but seriously). Apparently Wall-E's gave out 300 tickets and these people were guaranteed a signing, but beyond that all bets were off. After the initial 300 we were probably 100 in line so not to far off considering there were 4,000 people. But our "celebrities" only stayed for 30 minutes to sign. They left when we were about 50 away. There were three of them. I just don't know what they were rushing off to. It is freaking SLC at 1am. Not many options. BOO!

In comparison Rachelle Lafevere stayed until 2:15am last year to get everyone that stayed signed. I know I am being a big cry baby. I will get off my soap box. I do understand that they are people, have lives, and really have to have a cut of time at some point.

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