Tuesday, March 30, 2010

stephenie meyer has a gift for us fans

Stephenie Meyer has come out with a gift just for us fans that really cannot ever get enough. She is publishing her back story to Bree (the newborn in Eclipse). It will be available to read online for free (June 7-July 5)or in an actual book option coming June 5th. For all the details and a note from Steph check out her website, www.stepheniemeyer.com. I just cannot wait to read this and get more details about my beloved twilight series.

In the press release it states that the book will be released on June 5th @ 12:01am. I think there is going to be another very late night coming up. I wonder where Stephenie Meyer will be signing books or if she will. How crazy would that be. I would love to find out and be there in line for it.

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