Monday, October 21, 2013

Jennifer, Jenny, Jen

 Ms. Jennifer just seems like someone I could sit down and call Jen right off the bat and be instant friends. She is a woman who speaks her mind and isn't afraid to be who she is. I just read on Jennifer Lawrence Daily (did you know that was a thing?) that she is also someone who cares BIG. She has set up a premiere event showing of the movie in her hometown to raise funds for St. Mary's Center. Read all the details HERE. She too, like many of the cast, has been busy working long hours to make us all happy she has 3 films coming out in the next couple of months and here is what she has already to see....
Now I saw Silver Lining and LOVED it! I loved that she won some credit for it. I have yet to see the House at the End of the Street, because I am a bit of a scaredy cat, but I think that might be a Halloween treat for myself.

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