Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I've Been Missing Liam

Mr. Liam has been busy. He hasn't just dumped Miley, but he has also been busy working and making movies. YAY! I think between the brothers of "Hemsworths" my preference is Chris, but Liam fell from the same tree and didn't hit too many branches. ;) Have you seen any of these?

Being that I love my Hubby I did see Expendables 2 and I thought he did a good job in that, but that is where my devotion has ended. I had no idea he did 3 other movies. I gotta get watching....
Have you seen any? Which one should be a definite must see?

Well, and since we brought up Miley (even though she is not in Hunger Games)  I want to talk about her. At first I wanted to scream at her mother and father for letting their little girl go through this on public television. I wanted to run to her aid, but then I remembered Brittany, Christina, and every other Disney star making their break from their previous "perfect doll" reputation. They all do it. They all break that so that they can move on. And while searching for things about Liam this came up.....

She doesn't seem so crazy any more. And to be honest....I like her music. I think she has a beautiful voice. I will choose not to watch her dance and not to let my girls see her dance EVER, but I see it as she is growing and that takes courage to do it in front of the world. Plus, it didn't hurt her record sales right? I mean she got everyone talking about her and not the break up. Smart PR.

Did I give in too easily? Should I stand with Bitty Nation and not let her singing in my house?

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