Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's a Survival Kit?

Just like Katniss was able to secure a Survival Kit at the beginning of the Games, YOU will secure your very own Survival Kit at the doors of our premiere. Due to the amazing support of SO MANY local sponsors our Survival Kits are worth more than $50!!!!
Plan on having aquired your movie needs (soda, popcorn, treats) before 7:30pm when our doors to the premiere will open and the INCREDIBLE raffle will start shortly after!! We have a sold out theater and will need everyone to find their seats quickly and safely! Once you sit you won't want to miss the action.


Cammie said...

So fun!! You are all amazing for putting this together. We can't wait!!

Janeil J. said...

AWESOME!!!!! You gals are amazing!

Whitney and Camron Allen said...

Seriously can't wait!!!!