Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 23rd Agenda

Appointments set, all packed up and Cookies ordered for......

March 23rd, the SagaGirls LAST ticket pickup and only Pre-Hunger Games Premiere Event at Echelon Edge Academy. Services performed all day (if you haven't book your appt. NOW is the time)

@ 1-4pm SagaGirls at EEA with all their Flare (refreshments, press, movie props and more)

@ 7pm Raffle tickets sold for Charity and Amazing prizes in The Districts lobby. Look for the Autism Council of Utah sign.

@7:45pm theater doors open, your Survival Kits waiting to be opened.

@ 7:55pm the 1st SagaGirls Charity Raffle Reaping will begin, so you will want to be in your seats.

@ 8:10pm the 74th Hunger Games will Premiere

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