Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ticket Pick Up

Some of you may be asking....Why are they having these ticket pick up parties? Well let's break it down. There are 600 of you and only 4 of us girls. In order to get us in full party mode we didn't want to stressing about tickets at the last minute.

The added bonus??? You get to try out a few of our sponsors and see just why we chose to have them help us out. Some come eat some yummy breakfast at Hagermann's next Saturday or spend the day of the movie with us at Echelon and get your Capitol look rocking. We cannot wait to see you all.

We have a few of you joining us that are from out of the Salt Lake area (we really appreciate you making the trek to support this event) if you fall in this category and are unable to make it to one of these pick-up parties...e-mail us.

Thank YOU!

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