Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 things to do to prepare for BD2

Here are some things that You can do to get back into the Twilight spirit. (Fandango did a list of 20 things which inspired me for this post, but some of their items were a little too corny for me. If you want to review their post click here)

*Dress-up like a character. If you do this I MUST see pictures. (Here is Fandango's character reference)
*Watch all the Twilight Cast interviewed (See previous post for dates and shows)
*Listen to the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack
*Read Breaking Dawn again. Do this now or else it will be too fresh in your mind before the movie. And you will notice all the inconsistencies.
*Watch the Twilight movies or throw a viewing party (remember there are 4 to watch so you need some time)
*Get together with your Twilight Pack and rehash all your favorite parts
*Go check out Hot Topic for Twilight Gear
*Visit your local Jamba Juice and get a collectors cup and slap bracelet
*Make your Twilight Pack personalized t-shirts
*Review the new Vampires in the film HERE courtesy of TwilightLexicon

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