Friday, February 10, 2012

Just to add some Crazy

We haven't done anything crazy for awhile so why not go try and stir some up at a Twitards event. HAHA! I love Twilight, but again was sadly disappointed when rumors were just rumors and there was no *Star* power for the release of the DVD. It was entertaining to be scrutinized by some women in front of us, but we got sick of playing their silly we went to the other line and just waited for our DVD. We met some new friends and introduced them to "The People of Walmart" and "It gets stranger". If you have not enjoyed these fun stories please go potty and return to read/watch them. They are hilarious. To endure these hours we were delighted to find the Illustrated Hunger Games book and The Tribute Guide that I just had to have and I'm sure you do to.


Stephanie Miller said...

i had a blast you you guys!

Kristi Wilson said...

You guys are awesome! I'm so freakin excited!!!