Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The new Twilight?

Some of my favorite ladies that I love to read....LTT....compared this picture to the cast picture done of Twilight before the whole saga came out. I honestly had not seen this picture yet, but at first when I saw it on their site I just thought it was the Twilight picture. They are so similar. Funny that the producers would try to imitate that image. Do you think that this has become the "thing". Will every trilogy or book series do this? I never had a thing for Narnia, which is fairly recent so hopefully not. I would like to think that this series and Twilight have something special that they bring to the readers. I hope that it is not just another band wagon idea that I am jumping on. I was so engrossed in the series. I literally could not put it down. Is this just another fly by night trend? Will any of this last?

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