Wednesday, January 18, 2012


WOW! Do they want us to get excited or what. These people look so damn pretty....We know they will be looking dirty and gruff soon enough. Are you ready to start choosing? Have you already chosen your favorite? Can the movie persuade you to like a character more or less compared to how you felt in the book or do your convictions stay strong with you no matter what the movie does?

So you know that I am a HUGE twilight fan. I went into them not expecting much so honestly I wasn't that disappointed. Going into these I am so expecting greatness. Am I going to be sad at the end? Nope! I am determined to love this every single bit of it. Speaking of expectations...I wonder if the movies will change my perspective of the story? When I read Twilight I was never impressed with Jacob. I could never get behind Bela wanting to be with him. For me it was always Edward because he was her one and only. But in Eclipse I have to admit....I kinda saw why people loved Jacob. So, I hope that these movies can make me feel something for one of these characters more than I did in the book. It would be great.

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