Thursday, November 7, 2013

Top 5 REASONS to be a part of our PaRtY

You know us, we don't do anything half way or just skim the top of the ice berg, we PLUNGE in head first. This event will be nothing short of a fun PARTY. Not just a movie screening, but a PARTY. Bring your friends and neighbors to this fun event. So, the top 5 reasons to be with us?? Are our top 5 REAPINIG rewards.

1. iPad (yup)
2. Free night stay at a Luxury ***** hotel in SLC (Courtesy of Neerings)
3. 2 Jazz Tickets
4. 4 Grizzles Tickets
5. A Cricut

Now, of course we have MANY more prizes to shower you with. (You already saw our announcement about Les Miserables tickets right?) Make sure that you have your tickets. Make sure that your friends have theirs. And this is not just about the prizes...It is called "Hunger Games" right? So there will be games. Come join us. If you don't have your tickets yet PLEASE contact us via e-mail. ;)

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