Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank You

How can we NOT be Grateful?
YOU did it again. We asked and you showed up and provided GREAT gifts.
We really do these "events" for us. We like to plan. We like to party. And as sisters we LOVE to do this all together. It just makes sense. But we bring in all of you and you just fill our hearts.
We are so grateful for each of you that donated time, money, energy into our project.
It was a success. We had fun. Hopefully you all did to.

Thanks for being "Fang"tastic!
 Thank you to Sweet Tooth Fairy for their support and allowing us to take over their shop for a bit.
 Here are the SagaGirls
 Two + boxes of gifts to the Angel Tree.
 The crew Saturday Morning bright and early to help get the Angel Tree work started.

We are blessed with WONDERFUL people in our lives. Each and everyone of you that make our projects a success really just fill our hearts. Thanks for being a part of this one.

Winners: We had some winners to our raffle (by donating and tagging us in your photos you were entered). You should receive an e-mail quickly, but if you don't and you see your name listed below please e-mail us!
*Trisha Smith
*Hilary Hatch
*Mary Ann Hatch
*Keri Evans Cannon
*Kari Barker
*Cammie Heaston
*Erika Mazuran
*Heidi Elsasser

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