Saturday, December 4, 2010


Summit disappointed me again! I was so excited cause my favorite movie, to date, was finally coming to DVD. I called up all my best girls to see who wanted to be {Wild & Wreckless} with me to hang out until Midnight and like the other DVD releases hope to get a signature from an associated actor. I checked into my PTO time to see if I could afford to leave work early to get in line, since last year I didn't get a signature being {50} people away from the cut off. Turned out I did not have enough. I was at a loss for a buddy, my partner in crime is out on maternity leave. I checked all my usual blogs and twitters to see if there was any hint of who would be at the was eerily quiet in ciberville. But I decided to heck with it I will just see what comes. I packed a bag with my camera & Eclipse book and zoomed out the Wall-E's that has the goods. When I turned into the parking lot I knew something was off, as there were still parking spots available and it was close to 9pm. I pulled up to the front and there was no tape around the entrance (as has been in the past). I peeked inside. AND UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT! There would be no cast member at the release. Apparently Summit didn't think that it would be adventagous to get everyone pumped for a DVD release that said movie theater release did not meet their expectations. There were only two cast members & David Slade out doing signings (those being in California & Forks). Maybe Summit isn't to blame. From a tweet by one of the cast members it looks like they were all busy actually filming. Maybe it is Mr. Condon's fault that I was so sorely diappointed? It's over now. No reason to dwell.
Makes me wonder if some Twilight spot light has been moved elsewhere? Will we continue to be disappointed? I sure hope that it can at least at least until the release of the final Movie. I need my fix!

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